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The invention of the internet allows people to buy the products and services they want at their home. This is known as eCommerce which give permission to consumers to automatically give-and-take goods and services with no obstacle of time or distance.

We at Apical Digital are an audience focused eCommerce digital marketing agency. We deliver outcomes with data-driven attitude, that speak for themselves. Our efficient and expert team contain creative, designers and developers that have a wide-ranging and deep knowledge in the area of eCommerce.

Key Benefits Of E-commerce Platforms:



Multiple Payment Modes

Multiple Payment Modes



Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Global Reach

Global Reach

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable


Q1. We are searching for digital marketing experts who understand e-commerce website design, development, and maintenance.

Q2. We are looking for full-service development and marketing team and would like to partner with someone who can manage our site along with maintaining SEO, social media platforms.  And do a great job of it all!

Q3. will you provide ‘end to end’ support for E-commerce marketing?

If you have queries similar to the ones mentioned above, our answer is YES.

You don’t want your company to be just another E-commerce platforms in the market when it comes to your industry, do you? Hence, the website, the products and services, the language, the creatives, e-mailers and any other form of the element that’s visible to the (potential) customer – should maintain that originality.

Platforms We Offers:

woocommerce logo

Woo commerce



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Processes Followed by Us

We work in an Agile manner:- This means that apart from having long term objectives, we will work on shorter two-week sprints on a regular basis. Each scamper will have tasks based on the priority set in alignment with the long-term objectives. This allows focused delivery on the final goal always.

ppc min

To fulfill your all needs or, to think, plan and deliver the Work, we need a team which looks like this:

  • Project manager: To manage the team, suggest new features, improvements, analyze reports and drive it from the business owners’ perspective view.
  • Graphics designer: To create all visual communication and creatives.
  • Marketing executive: To deliver marketing activities, handle all social media platforms, E-mailers, additional campaigns like media buying, affiliate programs etc.
  • Content writer: For blogs, product descriptions, and specifications
  • SEO executive: For all SEO related activities and To optimize portal for conversions
  • Developer/techie: For anything to do with the platform like add new features, enhancements, bugs removal from the website, coordination with hosting company etc

Business Benefits

Convenience & Easiness: E-Commerce becomes one of the preferred ways of shopping For many people in the world, as they are allowed to buy products or services from their home at any time of day or night.

Attract New Customers with Search Engine Visibility: online retail(E-commerce) is also driving by traffic that comes from search engines.


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