Email Marketing


One-to-one engagement with your customers leads to measurable results

Email marketing considers one of the important way to engage directly with your customer base.

You can tell stories in the forms of content, educate them, introduce them to new products and services. You can also invite them for events and discussions, and ask for feedback, references and their views about the product through an email campaign.

What are the factors that make an email marketing exercise successful? Here’s an example.

Any e-commerce agency was organizing an offline event in Gurgaon. They sent emailers to more than thousands and lakhs of their subscribers across India. and at last, They ended up with 103 attendees—that’s 0.1% conversion.

In meantime, Another e-commerce company was planning to organize its offline event,  also in Gurgaon. They choose to send their emailers to only 6000 of their subscribers in Gurgaon/Delhi.

The event saw 456 people attend the event. A conversion rate of 7.62%! They had figured out one of the possibilities of someone coming from say, San Fransico, was pretty slim. They further choose the customers/clients for whom the event would hold some meaning. And only then the possibilities sent out the emailer. This helped them get a higher conversion rate compared to the previous one. Also, users who wouldn’t find the event means to them, they didn’t get the emailer.

Business Benefits

Unrivaled Return On Investment

In the business world, results are the last that all matters. With this thing in mind, the main reason that most businesses and organizations are investing in email marketing as it is a fantastic return on investment.

Reach a Global Audience

Email marketing share or spread the message instantly across the world and get hyper local using one of the other business benefits – segmentation.

Drive Revenue

Email marketing is very useful for taking advantage of impulse buying. There are not many other marketing platforms which give permission to customers to go from witnessing an offer to buy an item within two clicks of a button.

Deliver Targeted Messages

Many marketing professionals would happily pay to make sure they were only spending money to target those who were interested in their products and services or brand. Email marketing experts can go one step further though, by only sending emails to subscribers who meet certain criteria.

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